Heater, Table Top Propane

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Minimum (6 Hour)




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” use only 20lbs lp gas cylinders with acme/ type 1/ qcc safety valves
” inspect the unit for spiders and insects before each use
” use in a well ventilated area
” use propane as the only source of power for them
” make sure that all item and people are a safe distance from the heating unit
” do not use with if the wind velocity is greater than 10 miles per hour
” always maintain a 36″ clearance from combustible materials
” always place on a hard level surface
” heating unit must be placed 24″ away from a wall type surface and must have a 36″ clearance of ceilings or overhangs
” after shutdown allow burner assembly to cool down at least 45 minutes before transporting

Caution Notes
** this unit requires proper ventilation for safety. ** use on level solid surface only! ** warning! Never leave unit running unattended! **

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