Paint Sprayer, Airless 2500

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Important information
o when changing colors flush with a compatible solvent such as mineral spirits or water
o when changing from a water-base to oil-base paint, flush with soapy water, then mineral spirits
o when changing from an oil-base to water-base paint, flush with mineral spirits, followed by soapy water, then a clean water flush
o do not attempt to deflect or stop leaks in the system by hand
o before removing or adjusting any part of equipment (including tip) always shut pump off, discharge contents of gun, and lock the gun trigger in off postion

safety information
o always ground the spray before any use
o to stop the unit in an emergency turn motor off, then relieve the fluid pressure in the pump and hose
o do not use halogenated solvents in this system
o any injury caused by high pressure liquid can be serious, if the spray penetrates the skin
o do not point the nozzle or gun at anyone or any part of the body
o maximum psi 3500

Caution Notes
**eye protection & gloves should be worn. ** cleaning fee charged, if returned dirty. ** plug unit into a grounded receptacle only. ** do not break or remove ground plug. ** use extension cord of #12 wire. ** never aim gun at anyone! **

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