Cotton Candy Machine

Rental Rates

Minimum (4 Hour)




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Cotton candy machine with cart
*************also needed*****************
flossuger makes 60 to 70 cones
blue raspberry or vanilla pink
” tighten motor bolts before transporting rental item
” make sure that the bolts are loosened before use
” run the machine until all of the sugar floss particles are used up
” make sure screen and cover are properly secured before use
” both switches need to be on for the machine to work properly
” cleaning the rental item should take around 45 minutes
” be sure not to overfill the floss spindle

Caution Notes
**cleaning feee charged, if returned dirty. ** do not use an extension cord longer than 50′. ** plug unit into a grounded receptacle only. ** use on level solid surface only. ** protect this unit from rain and moisture. ** use #12 wire exten

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